We welcome submissions from all areas of economics and finance related to commodity markets, including:

– Pricing, hedging, and risk analysis of commodity derivatives and derivatives portfolios

– Portfolio allocation/optimization including commodities

– Financialization of commodity markets

– The microstructure of commodity markets

– Corporate finance and risk management related to commodity markets

– Econometric/statistical analysis of commodity markets

– Decision models (OR/MS models) applied to the commodity sector

– Real option analysis investigating commodity project investment and production decisions

– Financial market analysis (risk factor models etc.) for commodity markets

– Managerial accounting & economics for commodity related corporations

– Micro & macroeconomic analysis of commodity markets

– Global and regional trade of commodities

– The role of commodity production and consumption for developing countries


Commodity markets in this context include the entire range of commodities, i.e. energy (including electricity and renewables), metals, agricultural products and fish, and also related markets such as markets for shipping and transportation services, emission quotas and weather derivatives.


The deadline for paper submissions is midnight EST November 30, 2018. Papers must be in pdf format. Please submit one version without identifying author information and one full version with such information to the following address: